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- Different stone blocks including sandstone, limestone and marble.
- Different gem stones.
- Different ores, metals and metal bars.
- Cooking ingredients, different herbs for alchemy.
- Different pelts and other miscellaneous items.

Ideal for games with elaborate crafting systems.

- Icons with shadows
- Icons with a simple background
- Icons with outlines
- Source file for easy editing

Licensed under CC-0, making it technically Public Domain, allowing you and anyone else to freely copy and use it without restrictions.

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(25 total ratings)
AuthorBeast Pixels
Tags16-bit, blocks, Crafting, Pixel Art


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24x24 My favorite resolution! Thanks for making these. ♥

hello! That's what I wanted. Thank you. I'll use it well and make a good result.

Hello! Thanks for your great assets! I'm using them in my game, you can take a look. Blue gem sprite was use in experience item dropped by mobs :)


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Licensed under CC-0, making it technically Public Domain, allowing you and anyone else to freely copy and use it without restrictions.

It’d be more correct to say “Released into the public domain using the CC0”, because the CC0 isn’t a license. It’s a public domain dedication that falls back to a license and promise not to sue in jurisdictions like Germany where you’re not allowed to prematurely put things into the public domain.

(And boy, is Germany an intestering case. Give this a read for an overview of what the CC0 has to go through to say “Yes, I really do know what I’m doing when I want to waive the protections you’ve written into law for me.”)

Epic! You are a true CC0 hero!

wow thanks

I think thats cute!

Thanks, Now I can make  the game i want

Thanks a lot

This is so great, honestly this oughta be the first result when sorting by popular for crafting items. Really high quality and super generous to release it for free. Thank you!


Oh my god thank you so much!!!

I have been looking for crafting materials for so long... I've had enough of my logs looking like Jalapenos.


Can I use this for my Unity project (commercial)?

It's a really favorite art.

Yes, you can! It's basically public domain.

thank you! 

Beautiful set, please add CC for use

I want to use for my commercial project


Hi, I decided to make it CC-0 for the time being.

thank you for share!


"for the time being" Be careful, once its CC0 you are allowed to change the licence any time, but everyone who already got it may upload it under a different license. You are no longer copyright owner.

If you want you can add that an attribution is welcome, but not required. I usually attribute, even if not required.

Thanks for sharing this art with us, its beautiful!

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once its CC0 you are allowed to change the licence any time, but everyone who already got it may upload it under a different license.

That’s not that different from how other general public licenses (eg. CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, MIT, GPL, etc.) work.

Not being able to revoke permission from someone who’s following the rules and them being able to share what they received on the same terms even after you stopped offering those terms is par for the course. Likewise, you can modify something under the CC-BY or MIT licenses to create a new work and license that work under the CC-BY-SA or GPL, because nothing in the CC-BY-SA or GPL contradicts what you’re already bound to comply with by the CC-BY or MIT licenses. That’s what “GPL-compatible” means in software licensing.

Heck, the Debian Free Software Guidelines tests irrevocability as part of what they call the “tentacles of evil test”. (Basically, if a company like Oracle buys the rights to it, can they make life miserable for previous recipients of a license.)

The big difference with a public domain dedication is that, with a general public license, you can change your mind and people will be bound by the terms they received it under while, if you put something into the public domain, and then change your mind, and then sell someone a license, they’re essentially only paying you to actually get access to the files and they’re still in the public domain. (Unless you add new stuff that wasn’t released into the public domain, in which case those new/modified files aren’t in the public domain as long as copyright law considers the additions to be big enough and transformative enough to qualify for copyright protection.)

With a license, if you change the license before anyone downloads it, that’s it. With a public domain dedication, if someone saves proof that it was ever CC0’d, it’s still CC0’d. That’s what it means to waive your rights.

A general public license cares about having a valid chain of “I received the rights and then gave them to…” while a public domain dedication is only concerned with proof that the rightsholder gave up their right to impose restrictions. That’s why the Creative Commons website has warnings when you choose the CC0 form.

If you can demonstrate that what you have is what was put into the public domain, it doesn’t matter how you got it beyond the usual laws about computer hacking and burglary and so on.

Hi, thank you! Good job! Is this usable in commercial projects? Could you please add a .txt with the names of the different icons? I'm not sure on the name of some gems or ingots. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, you can use it without restrictions.

List of items by row:

Wooden Planks
Hardwood Plank
Ancient Wood
Ancient Wood Planks

Loam Bricks
Unnamed Reddish Stone
Unnamed Golden Stone
Unnamed Dark Stone

Fire Opal
Garnet (Uncut)
Sapphire (Uncut)
Sapphire (Cut)
Magenta Ruby
Ruby (Uncut)

Gold Ore
Silver Ore
Copper Ore
Tin Ore
Iron Ore
Malachite Ore (turns to copper if smelted)
Unnamed Red Ore
Unnamed Green Ore
Unnamed Brown Ore
Copper Coin

Chunk of Gold
Chunk of Silver
Chunk of Copper
Chunk of Bronze (Tin + Copper)
Chunk of Iron
Polished Malachite
Chunk of Unnamed Red Metal
Chunk of Unnamed Green Metal
Chunk of Unnamed Brown Metal
Silver Coin

Gold Ingot
Silver Ingot
Copper Ingot
Bronze Ingot
Iron Ingot
Steel Ingot (Iron + Coal)
Unamed Red Ingot
Unnamed Green Ingot
Unnamed Brown Ingot
Gold Coin

Strawberry Milk
Chocolate Milk


Sheep Wool
Brown Bear Hide
Black Bear Hide
Wolf Hide
Deer Hide
Tiger Hide
Artic Bear Hide
Artic Deer Hide
Artic Wolf Hide
Golden Bear Hide
Golden Wolf Hide

Herbs #1
Herbs #2
Herbs #3
Herbs #4
Herbs #5

Large Red Potion
Small Red Potion
Large Blue Potion
Small Blue Potion
Large Green Potion
Small Green Potion
Large Purple Potion
Small Purple Potion
Large Empty Bottle
Small Empty Bottle
Empty Milk Bottle